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Adele Vrey

I was involved in Satanism for 19 years, surrendered to Jesus Christ after a

failed kidnapping, and have been involved in ministry for 27 years.

I have a passion for seeing Acts 2:17 fulfilled: God's manifest presence

- the ultimate 'place' for complete healing, restoration, and deliverance. 

Founder of Ruach Church, itinerary minister, teacher, trainer,

writer, counselor and urban missionary.  

 Worshipping our way through 

 the strongholds of religion. 

Spiritual Covering & Accountability

Ruach 1.jpg

Ruach Church

Pastors Danie & Adele Vrey
Spiritual Covering
Farm 31, Hennopsriver


Adele Vrey is working

with ASERAC to support

survivors of the occult.

She is also the Prayer Coordinator. 

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